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The Difference Between..

2011-11-24 01:44:39 by TreeSapp

Paul McCartney & Jesus.

The Difference Between..

It's dead.

2011-10-28 02:07:17 by TreeSapp

My forum has died. So, I'll just keep posting stuff and see how many people actually read this.

Sammie Sam's Art Forum

Where in the What What?!

2011-10-16 23:49:51 by TreeSapp

So I'm working on Mileena from MK9 and... I have some mixed feelings on the media I should use. So far, the eyes look really good in color, but the skin looks flat and lifeless. So I think I might just do the eyes in color and the rest in black and white.. Hmm.. I'm liking the black and white. It would make the eyes pop right? And that's what I need?

You can call me Sammie Saibot.

2011-07-05 06:44:45 by TreeSapp

Yes, it is true. I am lovin' the newest Mortal Kombat. So much, that I decided to draw some game art. Of Noob Saibot. Oh how I love the Noob... I tried Kung Lou, but if you've ever seen a baby sasquash(sp?) with a poison ivy rash, you feel my pain. This isn't the exact picture I used(I don't know where the hell I put that fogizzy) It's him saying "Fear Me!" Which should help. This isn't it, it's a little out of my awesome rage. I believe it will be pretty cool. I don't know. I haven't seen it in awhile, now that I think about it.. I don't remember where that son of a gun is. If I only had the motivation to look for it.

You can call me Sammie Saibot.