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You can call me Sammie Saibot.

2011-07-05 06:44:45 by TreeSapp

Yes, it is true. I am lovin' the newest Mortal Kombat. So much, that I decided to draw some game art. Of Noob Saibot. Oh how I love the Noob... I tried Kung Lou, but if you've ever seen a baby sasquash(sp?) with a poison ivy rash, you feel my pain. This isn't the exact picture I used(I don't know where the hell I put that fogizzy) It's him saying "Fear Me!" Which should help. This isn't it, it's a little out of my awesome rage. I believe it will be pretty cool. I don't know. I haven't seen it in awhile, now that I think about it.. I don't remember where that son of a gun is. If I only had the motivation to look for it.

You can call me Sammie Saibot.


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2011-10-16 02:07:21

ahhhh, again AWESOME!! Keep up the good work, you have talent. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future

TreeSapp responds:

Wait.. That isn't mine. I got it off the internet.. Mine is the pen and ink. I used that as a sort of reference.